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Places to explore in Dordogne

Dordogne is a region in Aquitaine which is located in southwest France. This region has a lot of small cities that you can visit. They will enrich your knowledge and give you more experience about history, culture, people and make your vacation just special. There are not a lot places in the world where you can relax, enjoy the nature, culture, food and people the same time. In Dordogne you can do that and perceive, feel and see thousands of years of natural beautiful places and buildings. It doesn’t meter if you come to Dordogne alone, or with your family or friends, this place can offer everything for everybody.

The Lascaux cave can offer you an experience like nowhere else with its more than 17000-year old paintings on the walls. This cave is beautiful and provides a special look at our civilization and life in its beginnings. Because of the huge number of tourists, this cave is not open to public anymore, but there is the Lascaux II opened in 1983, that is the exact replica of this incredible place that our ancestors created and live in.

Perigueux market in the same - named city, is famous around the globe. This city was Gallo - Roman and has a history long six centuries. In this small city you can see renaissance architecture and explore the beauty of the life people lived in the past. The covered market is also one the best place for all gourmets.

The Dordogne river

, after which the region was named, is nearly 500 km long. There you can easily rent a canoe, and enjoy the beautiful water, lakes, watch green hills, old towers full of stories, which walls can almost tell you things about their past, and even see mesmerizing green areas full of beautiful smelling orchards. It will certainly drive you away from all the things you usually do on your vacations.

In Dordogne you can see the most beautiful towers in France. It is easy to note them, when you are in Sarlat or Domme. Beautiful old renaissance architecture is perfectly conformed into the stunning and gorgeous beauty of the nature. When you are in France, you have to try their national cuisine. And you should know that there is no better place to do that then in Dordogne. This region of France is called the best place to eat and to taste great wine. Bergerac is the place to try best the wines there are in France and even the whole world. At the House of Wines you can try 13 different wines and meet the makers and talk with them about the whole process and much more. Monbazillac is one of the best wines that you will try in your life.

Monzapier is a town set between sun - baked clearings and chestnut forests. This town is an one hour long drive away from Bergerec. It was founded in 1284 by King Edward I, the King of England. This place has beautiful medieval symmetry, and the central place, des Cornieres, has a surrounding grid of streets. It is really beautiful and one of best cities in this region. The Quadrilateral bastide, the main square of this city, is 500 yards long and 250 yards wide and has a million measures of beautiful.