Dordogne Campings

Reasons to visit Dordogne in France

Dordogne is a region located in France. Their 9600 km2 are placed in southwestern France and named by the great Dordogne river. It is also called Perigord, which is its historic name. In this small place you can find castles, enjoy beautiful rivers, try great food and wine, spend time shopping and do other interesting stuff. Many cities with long history, beautiful culture, interesting people and other things to try and see are placed in this area.

The prehistoric "city" of France, Lascaux, can offer you to see 17000-year-old-footfestoned cave chambers. This place gives us information about our past, who knows maybe the people who draw those pictures are your and my ancestors. If you like jazz music, in Dordogne you can visit concerts during July and August. This concerts are by French artists. You will love French jazz, for sure.

You can try fish, seafood, foie gras, truffles, cheese, puddings and other delicious foods in the Perigord region. Wines are produced in and around Bergerac since Roman times, and today the best one is Monbazzillac.

Markets are opened at evenings too, mostly for food and entertainment. Towers are historic relicts, and most of them are more than 900 years old. They were mostly built in the 100-year war between France and England. Maisons La Boissiere and Monpazier are two of them.

If you like outdoor activities like walking, hiking, riding a bike or even canoeing, you can do it here. Walking to the top of cliffs and mountains will give you a beautiful view of this place that is priceless. Riding a bike for miles by rivers is a great way to spent your day. Places to rent a canoe are easy to find. This will give you a special way to combine water sport with relaxing in nature and enjoying history. This is a great way to explore, perceive, feel and see the best that this region has to offer.

The tourist season is from May to October, but it can be hot during July and August. So that May, September and October are very good to visit Dordogne.