Dordogne Makelaars

Foods you must try if you spend your vacation in Dordogne

Visiting new places is a great thing and trying local food is also an interesting experience. All things that one place can offer, places to sleep, things to see, history, people, culture, nature, venues and food make the complete picture of that place. Dordogne, also called Perigord, is an area located in France. You can visit many beautiful castles in Dordogne. Enjoying the nature in different ways, learning about the past and history, the culture, and everything about the whole region will make you amazed. But the one thing this area is the most known for is food. We know that France's cuisine is great and famous, and that eating is a big deal in France, but much less people know that Dordogne is the most important food region in France.

What to try?

The basic groceries are duck, goose, cheese and wine. Special groceries are truffles. Foie gras, or fat liver, is a delicacy that you must try. You will see this frequently, and it can be served in so many different ways, form simple slices to cooking with different stuff. Using Black Perigord truffles, which grow a lot near oaks in this area, you can make something special from every dish. Because it is very expensive and a highly prized mushroom, it is being used sparingly.

Confit de conard, is another dish which involves preserving duck legs in fat and salt. This meal is perfect with potatoes and tomatoes. Sarlat is a meal where potatoes and mushrooms are fried in duck fat. These are served with gaziers (gizzards) or roast duck. Walnuts are great, who says that this very healthy fruit can’t be delicious? In Dordogne they are small but full of taste and smell great. Out of their shell and with chocolate they become a perfect dessert or even a gift you can bring home.

When you eat food, especially in France, and in places like Dordogne you must try wine with it. Bergerac is a very good place for growing grapes: red, white and rose also. From this place comes one of the most popular wines, named Monbazzillac. You can find all these meals in local restaurants. Bon appetite!